our process

Decision / Planning Stage

The most important phase of building a new website or redesigning one is for us to start with a clear understanding of your business, the customer you are trying to reach and your overall goals for online marketing. During this process we develop a plan that will include: marketing and advertising strategies; targeting your customer audience; content responsibilities both written and images; timelines and milestones; maintaining the site once it is deployed.

We will also do a competitive analysis of your competitors as to their web strategy, content and placement among search engines. This will be provided after the discovery process.

Proposal & Paperwork

After the discovery process is complete and you are confident we have addressed all your ideas, questions and requirements you will receive a detailed proposal. Once you have accepted the proposal and submitted a deposit of 50% we will begin the Design process.


Once the discovery process is complete our designers will begin to produce a layout design. We will first present a site map showing how your customers will navigate through the site. We will then present a wireframe (color jpeg image) showing the home page and one other content page. This will give you an opportunity to visualize how the site will look in its final development. In some cases such as ecommerce sites more page view may need to be developed. As part of the design process we will incorporate elements such as company logo or colors to help strengthen the branding of your company. We will also present responsive designs for handheld devices such as smart phones and tablets giving you the opportunity to visualize how your mobile customers will view the site.

Typically we will provide two designs to choose from with the opportunity to critique and modify. After presenting the designs there may be some changes or a mix of the two designs depending on the client’s request. Once the final design has been approved content from you or a copywriter is due.


A few words about content. When customers visit your site either for entertainment, information, shopping or guidance they are expecting to find it easily and meaningful. Meaningful content is very important in the ranking of your site on search engines such as Google or Yahoo. In most cases the client is responsible for providing the content for the site. We can help with editing content or writing content if you wish. This can be offered as a separate service.

Develop (Coding)

The developmental stage is the point where the web site itself is created. We begin the coding process by creating a custom template for the main page layouts. We then set up the site on a development server so we can test each piece of functionality and incorporate all the content provided. Elements such as interactive contact forms, ecommerce shopping carts, photo galleries, social media integration, SEO, Google Analytics or other functions will be completed during this phase, as well.

Testing & Tweaking

In this stage you will receive a link to preview your site on our development server. We ask for your feedback regarding any necessary tweaks to the content, layout and function of the site. We will also be testing such things as forms, ecommerce functionality, scripts and browser testing. Browser testing ensures that your web site is optimized to be viewed properly in the most recent web browsers.

Site Launch

Once you are happy with the final product we will launch your site for all to see. Final payment is due before launch. This is also a good time to consider ongoing site maintenance, SEO marketing or CMS (content management systems).

Error Testing

After the website is live, any interactive programming and scripts are tested to verify proper function. Since the design and testing phase often occurs on a different server, it is very important to once again verify that everything is working correctly after taking the website live.

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