The importance of Web Analytics for an effective online strategy

It’s difficult to define or modify your online strategy without knowing the players. Whether your website was designed to provide information about your company or is an e-commerce site to sell your services or products web analytics is necessary to determine if you are hitting your strategy objectives. Using web analytics helps you to better understand your customers' preferences and online behaviors.

Web analytics help us understand where customers are going on your site, where they came from, where they drop out and what might help them to convert. Are they easily navigating on your site or getting to the desired information quickly? What content or articles on your site are seeing the most traffic? Are customer’s using the smart phones more to navigate on your site or the PC’s. These are just a few examples of the kind of information that can be viewed to help you understand customer behaviors.

Here are examples of some other statics that can help you understand the effectiveness of your online strategy:

  • Total hits to your website
  • Number of unique site visitors
  • Where your site’s visitors come from
  • Geographic locations for your visitors
  • Length of visit
  • Most-viewed pages
  • Bounce rate
  • CTR (click through rate) rates and more

Another big advantage to that web analytics can provide the ability to test and measure two or more different campaigns, promotions or content versions on your site at the same time and run metrics on them both for direct comparison.

If you aren't using a web analytics tool there's really no way of knowing whether you're moving closer to your goal or further away from it. At Simpli WebDesign we will set up Google Analytics on your site at no additional charge. We can help teach you how to run reports and analyze the data or we can provide a monthly analysis for you.

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